Church of Climate Change
Source: Unsplash

Church Merch - The Church of Climate Change Fashion House

How might we spread the love AND push for a shift in our unequal and disconnected fashion system? That's the leading question for our fashion pieces with a message.

We collaborate with artists and creatives to create unique upcycled pieces that together form a walking Church of Climate Change bible.

As such, we want to:

  • Spread love and new values on how we relate to nature and ourselves
  • Open up the dialogue on North-South relations, (clothing) waste and its impact on our environment.
  • Uplift upcoming creatives and engage creatives and local entrepreneurs with climate change related themes.
  • Sustain and support local green initiatives through profits from Church Merch sale.

We are also fundraising for creative upcycling sessions with upcoming Ghanaian fashion creatives in Accra. The sessions will be set up as a series of interactive workshops in which different participants will be engaged with environmental and climate change related themes, guided by experts from the field. Besides gaining new inspiring insights the participants will be challenged to apply their unique skills and talents and co-create new upcycled clothing designs. The final designs will be sold and all sale profits will be used to fund local green initiatives.The end result of the session: clothing items that are true statements, both in looks (tie&dye) and in the messages and illustrations that are printed on them. Like "KEEP YOUR WASTE TO YOURSELF" and "LOVE THE EARTH".