Church of Climate Change
Man on stone
Image: Ofoe Amegavie

Let your heart be warm and the planet stay cool

Join us to reflect on the state of our world, compensate for our CO2 sins and become stronger together in the face of climate change.


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We love working on positive change together. These are the initiatives that are currently brewing. Get in touch to join us!

Ananse and climate change

Ananse Climate Project

Our Ananse Climate Kit aims to contribute to preparing children for the realities of climate change. Through building stories for and with children, we hope to spark a way of thinking about themselves and the nature surrounding them. Using indigenous Ananse storytelling, interactive tools and activities, school-aged children will learn about climate change and its consequences.

nature trip

Preaching Green

Our version of the church mass! We bring our community together for reflections and discussions on different climate change related themes. This has led to film and discussion nights, poetry slams, cleanups and adventurous hiking trips. We offer our community fun, inspiring and educative experiences, with our unique Preaching Green community gatherings.

Nude testament

Nude Testament

The Nude Testament is an artistic approach to spreading awareness on the realities of climate change. In our inaugural photo series, we explored the connection between human beings and nature, together with Ghanaian photographer Ofoe Amegavie.

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Church Merch

We are starting a fashion house! Our lovely Church members Lynn Zebeda and Jamel Buhari are creating a super sustainable line of upcycled unique one of a kind fashion pieces. Spreading the CCC love and an overall new narrative on how we relate to nature and ourselves

seed library

Seed Library

We’ve officially opened our seed library in West Legon, Accra. With this initiative we’re providing seeds of different crops, vegetables and fruits. A unique opportunity to get locally sourced and organic seeds, while learning more about different kinds of seeds.

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