Church of Climate Change

Sunday Morning Gathering #2

Creativity, song, and STYLE. In this Sunday Morning Gathering we’re going to travel back to our country of origin, and reflect on how interconnected we are. Ghana is flooded by second hand clothing from The West. Waves of textile cross the ocean and not rarely end up in landfills, polluting the land.

At this gathering, we will launch our Church of Climate Change fashion line. We will bring back a number of pieces of clothing, and upcycle them into unique pieces you want to be seen in, led by our fabulous friends from Broke Ass Millionaires. They’ll become outfits carrying our messages for the world.

We’re also overjoyed to announce that our partner in crime Nick Demeris and the Climate Choir will be returning especially for the Church. We will also hear from preacher Benjamin Fro and writer Raoul de Jong who will read from his book Jaguarman.

There will be a simultaneous children's (4 - 12 years) program by the wonderful Verwonderbus, who’ll also be upcycling fashion.

P.S. There SHALL be Voguing!

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